Routine dental visits are essential for maintaining a beautiful smile and good oral and general health

Your smile is your most beautiful self-expression. We want you to have the most beautiful smile possible. I've spent years learning the techniques of cosmetic dentistry to make that happen.

Creating beautiful smiles for my patients is my passion. I pair my extensive expertise in cosmetic dentistry with my training in art and my love of beauty to give you the advanced care you deserve.

At our exclusive practice in Stellenbosch, we provide personalized, VIP-level care with advanced procedures to improve not only your smile, but your entire life.

I believe that when you have a beautiful smile, you have a beautiful life. A beautiful smile helps you feel confident when you're interacting with others at work, in social situations, and in relationships.


When you smile, you give a gift of joy to those around you, and they reflect that joy back to you. Every time I see a patient leave our dental spa smiling, I feel grateful for the part I've played in creating more beauty in the world.


  • Thorough Full Mouth Examination of the hard and soft tissues (bone, teeth, gums, lips, cheeks, palate, mouth floor and tongue)

  • Bleeding indexes to determine areas of inflammation that will lead to bone loss around the teeth

  • Periodontal examination to determine areas of bone loss 

  • Strict sterilisation techniques

  • Low radiation intra-oral x-radiographs

  • Low radiation digital 2D panoramic x-radiographs

  • Cone beam CT 3D scans with excellent definition used to show pathology in the bone and Temporomandibular jaw joints, to plan implants where teeth were lost and to plan and execute root canal treatments with precision


  • Immaculate scaling and polishing​ using ultrasonic air scaling devices and gentle polishing paste to remove tartar, stains and plaque, not only from the visible tooth surfaces, but also from under the gums, to stop bleeding gums and subsequent bone loss, leaving teeth smooth and shiny

  • Polishing of old fillings​ removing rugged edges and minimizing the chance of secondary tooth decay forming

  • Fluoride treatment​ to strengthen tooth structure agains acid attacks

  • Oral hygiene instructions​ showing correct brushing and flossing techniques, as well as addressing smoking, eating and drinking habits that might be detrimental to your teeth, preventing tooth decay and bone loss that will ultimately lead to tooth and/or implant loss

  • Tooth coloured Fissure Sealants and Restorations as a preventative measure to seal deep pits, fissures and superficial tooth


  • In Chair Whitening using a diode laser for excellence in whitening of the teeth with the least sensitivity, making you look youthful, vibrant and jaw-dropping gorgeous! 

  • Home Whitening DA VINCI kit with blue light or OPALESCENCE GO! to bleach your teeth yourself in the convenience of your home and at your own pace and to use to maintain your teeth's colour, always keeping in mind to avoid stong coloured foods and beverages

  • ZOOM! In Chair Whitening for an instant white smile make-over.


  • TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JAW JOINT APPLIANCES for relief of  jaw pain, clicking and headache

  • MAX ®  MOUTH GUARDS for protection against tooth fracture and concussion in all contact sports 

  • OCCLUSAL APPLIANCES for protection of your teeth against grinding 



  • ​​Radar precision using an apex locator to file precisely up to 0.5mm from root tip, removing debris and bacteria to try and accomplish the best possible successful outcome
  • Filing techniques using WAVE ONE GOLD rotating instruments 
  • Diode laser to kill bacteria in the fluid filled tubules of the dentine on microscopic level
  • Endo-activator causing a whirlpool effect to rinse out debris and bacteria to the surface of the tooth
  • Heated WAVEONE gutta-percha filling technique to fill canals three dimensionally, pushing Calcium rich cement in horizontal and delta-like secondary canals 
  • Our practice boasts the FIRST PRIME MILL MILLING UNIT in South Arica.

  • Excellence at its best! Cutting a crown in 3,5 minutes!​

  • Single visit metal-free PORCELAIN inlays, overlays, crowns, bridges and VENEERS 


  • Easy oral hygiene 
  • Less harm to tooth structure than braces
  • 3-6 months treatment opposed to 2-3 years with braces
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • No or little speech impairment
  • In minor cases much cheaper than full braces