Our Expert Team

Clara Erasmus


BChD (Stell)

With 30 years of experience, it is still with passion, enthusiasm and precision that I care for my patients, using the newest technology, techniques and well-researched materials, striving for excellence, enhancing my patients beauty with the goal of  long term oral and general well-being.


Cosmetic and General dentistry is an art - touching not only my soul, but also those who I help. With more than 20,500 - and still counting - happy patients, I am sure you will find my practice and treatment a pleasant and surprising experience.


Olivia Okkers 

Dental Assistant


Olivia compliments my practice perfectly, reflecting the harmony and excellence we stive for.


She is my equal and excellent match in our team. 

Always bursting with energy, ready to assist, delivering professional services, efficiently and swiftly with the highest standards of skill, irrespective of the demands at hand.

Aneen Brits

Oral Hygienist

I am a hard working individual who strives to produce above average results. 

Traits of productivity, motivation, dedication and self-reliance allows me to be a leader.


I have 17 years of experience in Oral Hygiene, as well as Dental Assisting.


Being confident and well spoken, makes me a natural communicator who can motivate and support patients on their journey to and maintenance of their beautiful smile.

I have strong moral principles and believes in integrity, not only in life, but also in the workplace.


Mercedes Mocke.jpg

Mercedes Mocke

Dental Assistant


I consider myself a professional and experienced Dental Assistant with a proven track record of providing optimal support to Dentists and Patients, skilled in operating Dental office equipment and tools, as well as assisting in theatre.

I also believe in being committed, to reinforcing positive feelings and behaviors in patients, thus helping them have a healthier and happier experience.